Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Best TPBs on my bookshelf

  • Age of Bronze - By the time this ends, Sage will be 10 years old. This retelling of the Trojan War, sans gods, is worth the wait, though.

  • Atomics - Four softcover books collect the entire Allred run. Delish!

  • Authority - Only the Ellis run. The uneducated think that Millar did better, but they're just misinformed.

  • Berlin - I can't wait for more human stories from Lutes.

  • Bone - Read it as a whole, along with the latest collection. It's almost over.

  • Castle Waiting - Wry, moving, intelligent - a fairy tale redux it isn't.

  • Clan Apis - Proof that comics can educate and still entertain.

  • Concrete - Get ALL of it and you'll see what an artful storyteller Chadwick is.

  • Golem’s Mighty Swing - Powerful and self-contained.

  • Grendel - Hunter Rose, Spar and Li Sung only plus the Black/White/Red.

  • Hellboy - All five current volumes show that Mignola is a class act on a different level

  • Jimmy Corrigan - Ware's sense of design is sublime.

  • Julius Knipl - Fractured, twisted and brutally brief reflections on the odd and the banal.

  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1 - Moore crafts an engaging tale. The entire hardcover package is excellent.

  • Little Lit Vols.1 & 2 - The first volume is stronger, but both are wonderfully sophisticated takes on children's literature by very talented storytellers and illustrators

  • Madman - More Allred wackiness. The spirit is infectious.

  • Maus- Breathless.

  • Miracleman - Moore's run is unequaled.

  • Planetary - Ellis shows beauty in the secret histories.

  • Powers - Stick to the first one and revel in Bendis' dialogue style.

  • Sandman - All of it, except Dream Hunters. Why not? "One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat."

  • Sleepwalk - Tomine's slice of life vignettes cut like shattered glass.

  • Sock Monkey - Indescribable. A book that seems to have fallen into our world from elsewhere.

  • Starman - Robinson does superheroes the right way.

  • Watchmen - Of course. It is almost unheard of not to include this book. But after all these years, it maintains its power.


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