Friday, September 27, 2002

question (6 of 100)

Q: You’ve just finished a project and are on your way to the bank to cash the check payment for P50,000 (US$1000). On your way there, you pass an old woman cradling a very sick child, her eyes closed, praying. You overhear her prayer – “Please God, send me enough money to take my child to the hospital”. You cash your check and walk back, pleased. It’s a tidy sum. You pass the woman again. You go one block further before you notice that you’ve dropped the envelope where you placed your newly received cash. You rush back and stop when you see the woman standing up, tears of joy rushing down her face, praising God for the exact amount of money she needed for her child. It is, of course, your money. The bills are still bound in the bank’s billslip and the envelope is on the ground hear her feet. What do you do?

A: I’d get the money and feel really bad – but it is MY money, after all. Then I’d talk to her and ask exactly how much she needs. If it’s less than 10% of what I have, I’ll give it. But I just can’t give everything no matter how compassionate or charitable I am. Sadly, I’ll probably even think that maybe she took it from my bag or something like that. The horrible thing about a scenario like this is that you have no escape. If you decline to help, you’re a BAD person.

My friend, Leah, just said that "Stupidity is not part of faith".

What do you think?


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