Thursday, September 26, 2002

question (4 of 100)

Q: Would you forgive your spouse/lover/life partner anything? Everything?

A: If the circumstances are within the range of the non-absurd, yes. By this I mean pretty standard stuff like variations on theft, lies, sloth, affairs, pride, etc. I will even go as far as if she murders a non-friend, non-family member. But if she kills our child or tries to kill me, well, things change. In an absurd context (which, believe me, is not that hard a scenario to spin, given the fact that strange, horrible and unbelievable things happen to normal people on a daily basis somewhere in the vast world), even my ideal notion of “love forgives all things” can be suddenly turned on its head.

Does it this mean I love my wife less? Of course not. But certain extreme circumstances have a way of provoking sudden change – in anyone’s heart and mind. It’s a question of the ideal versus the real.

What about you?

question (5 of 100)

Q: Two parts. First – you’re dining at an expensive hotel restaurant. When you look around, you notice a couple enjoying each other’s company at another table – an impossibly handsome and attractive man (fill in attributes that define attractive to you) eating with an impossibly ugly woman (fill in attributes that define wretched to you). Now honestly, what is the first assumption that enters your mind about the nature of that couple’s relationship, based on what you see?

Second – reverse it. You see a super-beautiful woman eating with a troll of a man. What’s your first assumption? Be honest.

A: Handsome guy/Ugly girl – She’s rich. My initial thought would be that this guy could get anyone he wanted. Then maybe I’d think she has a great personality, but still rich.

Ugly guy/Beautiful girl – He’s great in bed. And rich.

The sad truth exposed me by my initial assumptions is that I didn’t even consider the possibility of love. Sad because in the first question, I assume that the ugly girl has no intrinsic value. And in the second scenario, because I presume that it's just about sex (maybe he has a lightbulb schlong like our still-popular aging comedian).



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