Tuesday, September 24, 2002

the kindness of friends

Remember our need for a nebulizer for Sage? Well, Mike offered to go to Batangas to borrow one from his family, my mother offered to help defray the cost for a new one, and when I walked into the office yesterday, one of my designers, Jolet, had one sitting on my desk! I was speechless. As I mentioned before, I am really not used to having other people help me out with something like this, being the one usually who extends a helping hand. Jolet's father occassionaly has mild asthma attacks but when he heard about the baby, he wanted to help out (I hope nothing happens to him while we have his nebulizer). It's just amazing to know that people care - sounds cynical, yes, but I was really floored. And very thankful.

Also, yesterday, this blog just mysteriously went blank. I texted Ate Cyn for help and she immediately fixed it. Just like that. And she also tweaked that odd situation with my changing fonts, added a new counter and tweaked elements of what you see. Are Cyn, you're the best!


She's back to normal, squealing and laughing and crawling everywhere she can. We've laid down beddings and comforters and pillows on the living room floor so she can move around, but she tries to go beyond the barriers, wants to touch everything she sees, and insists on climbing the sofa, the rocking chair, the bed, everything, everywhere. She's trying to stand even before she can crawl properly. We're off to the doctor's today to see if she's fully recovered internally as well.


Last night, while I napped, Nikki wrote a clever story for Hinirang entitled "Asin (Salt)". She says that the idea came to her while she was sitting with Sage. You'll see it, along with my freshest work, next month.


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