Wednesday, September 18, 2002

on the fly

Had the exhilirating experience of creating an idea and pitching it on the spot to a large prospective client. During all of my initial blahblah and presentation of our work, they latched onto a copy of The Lost #2, and waxed happily about it. Before I knew it, I was talking about a campaign involving print and web comics supported by a game, either online or SMS-based, plus viral marketing via the internet. I'm thinking: "Follow/Don't Follow". We'll see, we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed. On the way home, Marc and I talked about the future and what it holds for our little company. More on that soon.

The great illustration of Immacolata above is done by her chief artist, the inimitable Arnold Arre. But another great artist is bringing her future adventures to life...soon! Stay tuned!

another dad on the way

One of my best buds, Juancho, shared the great news that his wife is expecting! What a wonderful birthday present for him this Friday, Sept 20, when he matches ages with me. He had a fairly recent cancer scare but it turned out to be way way less serious - good for him. It seems to be the season for babies - either that or I've only begun to notice since Sage arrived this year too.

killing time with printed words

Spent the early evening with Mike, talking about a bit of this and that, and I finally picked up some of the comics I had put aside for me for a rainy day (and indeed, it was pouring outside). Got Shanower's Age of Bronze, Mignola's Amazing Screw-on Head, Ellis' Planetary/JLA that I neglected last time, Carey's Hellblazer and a replacement copy of The Legion's Great Darkness Saga (which I lost and I'm certain Nikki has not read - what a youngster). So what do I have tonight? A little more of the Trojan War sans interfering divinities, absurdist action from Katie Mignola's (my favorite 7 year-old girl) father, what I hope to be a mindfuck as usual from Warren Ellis, Carey's take on Constantine and a nice chunk of Legion history.

'Aku' means evil in Japanese,' says Marco

But also means 'uncle' in Chinese, says the menu. Mike insisted on us trying the new place out. Aku is a new Korean/Japanese restaurant along E-Square Oritgas and had a menu with copy errors that delighted me. Foodwise, we learned that someone in the kitchen had a sweettooth as everything we had seemed to have sugar in it. Otherwise, it's passable (order the Spareribs). The horrible thing though is that they had no smoking areas within the place, which did not make happy campers of Nikki, Carl and myself.

oral thrush

My poor little girl was diagnosed as having Oral Thrush, a condition babies are quite prone to. According to the pedia, it should go away after a few days of treatment. In the meantime, Sage is not quite her usual self, and it breaks my heart seeing her like this. She's so miserable. You know, it's true what they say - when you become a parent you wish that you could take all the illnesses and all the pain on behalf of your child.


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