Saturday, September 28, 2002


My little daughter has been feverish again and we discover that she has a total of 4 teeth coming out (two top front and two bottom front, whatever they're called). Incredible. Things are really moving so fast. This time, I'm not panicked at all since I'm told that majority of babies experience fever when they're teething. I can't wait to see her smile when she has these whites come out.

She has also conquered her chromophobia and now happily crawls on the interlocking rainbow alphabet mat (Nikki tells me that the technical term for what Sage is doing is actually "creeping" - which is moving more with your tummy that your limbs). While crawling (or creeping - it's really strange, when I think of "creeping" I think of domino-masked robbers skulking about) around her mat, she found a single black ant and tried to quash it with her hands. My reaction was first "oh, how wonderful", swiftly followed by "oh my god, why are there ants near the baby?!".

In related news, Sage's 3-year-old boyfriend Bren (who calls me "Daddy" and Nikki "Mommy") is revealed to be child on an unhappy and uncertain home, with his real daddy reportedly having a little extra-curricular activities. Normally I pay no attention to rumors such as this, but it just made me feel so bad for the little boy.


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