Friday, September 27, 2002

survivor 5.2

Sigh. Nowhere as exciting as I hoped but still, I find myself more intrigued by this bunch than the yoyos of Marquesas. One tribe is the underdog, and the physically stronger tribe are self-destructive. In a nutshell, Tanya was voted off the island, sick girl that she is. The next episode holds the promise of violence which would be a welcome respite from this episode’s tedium.

More interesting is this article from ABS-CBN. Is there really going to be a ‘Survivor’ in Siquijor? Our lady President seems to think so.

scene from "bone deep", a script in development

(EXT GRAVEYARD, EVE. Open on long shot of a GRAVEYARD, pockmarked almost haphazardly with gravestones. The moon is hidden by slow moving clouds and a fine mist is suspended in the air. The camera follows the movement of JAMES, a portly man in his forties, picking his way angrily through the markers. He is carrying a shovel in one hand and a lantern in the other. Behind him, floating in the air, is the SKULL.

SKULL: Fek if I’ll have ye swing yon attitude al’nite long wi’ me. D’hear me, James-me-boy? I kenna imagine any other scal’wag who’d’’ve the gumption to drag a soul out ona night li'this. Tisn't proper t'all, James-me-boy, not t'all.

JAMES: Shut up.

SKULL: Well fek me silly if'a'ye acts that way t'wards me.

JAMES: Shut up.

SKULL: Fek off.

JAMES: Shut up.

They reach a large GRAVESTONE. We cannot read the inscription. The SKULL floats around it, casting an eerie light.

JAMES: Stop that.

SKULL: A'jess tryin to be helpful. Corpse light, ye ken?

JAMES: Just stop it.

SKULL: Fek ye.

JAMES begins to dig. The SKULL bobs around. Rain. The SKULL sings.

SKULL (singing):
If ye loved me then ye'd show how deep a'went
down down down ta'yer bones
A boney bony bo-bo-boney loves li'that
It runs deep a'true beyond skin
an'vein an'is hard hard hard
li'love ought ta be

JAMES stops digging. ECU on JAMES face. His face struggles with some deep emotion. JAMES takes up the song.

JAMES (singing):
For our love cuts to the bone
trumps the heart and lodges deeper

JAMES and the SKULL (singing)
Deeper deeper deeper
Within the bones

JAMES continues digging.

SKULL: D'ye find her yet?

JAMES: Shut up.

SKULL: Ah, fek ye.


the tagalog word for wasp

Nikki and I had midnight coffee with Mike, Carl, Marco, Noel and as usual conversation took surreal twists and turns. We spoke about how Wasted the Movie was doing and our little part in it. Anyway, towards the end of the evening I asked what the tagalog word for wasp was.

Well," said Carl, "Bubuyog is honeybee and putakti is bumblebee."

"No, no," said Mike. "Putakti is the word for wasp."

"That's right," Marco agreed, sipping the dregs of his bottomless soda.

"No!" cried Noel. "The word for wasp is palaka!"

And so our night ended with visions of angry frogs buzzing away into the early morning rain.


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