Sunday, September 29, 2002

think about it

"You are only as good as your last work," I told Mike when we got to talking about awards and if these continue to be personally relevant. I do not place too much importance in awards, or if I do, it is in some specific context (for example, if there is some proud bastard who flaunts his award or two around, I hit over the head with mine). Awards are good to have but you shouldn't believe your own press release. Look at the trophy, place it on your wall or mantle and create something new.

Mike then said that it was easy for Noel and I to talk that way, having won several ourselves (Noel's films have been awarded and much-lauded and were even shown in Berlin).

Well, maybe he's right. But really, to some people, winning an award or two can spell the end of an otherwise prolific creative career because they tend to focus on past glories.

Either that, or I'm still smarting over not winning a Palanca Award this year. Heh.


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