Tuesday, October 15, 2002

the 100 things meme (2 of several)
mixed bag

On we go.

21. I’m a Coke addict. No, not the kind Columbian drug lords peddle, but the carbonated caffeine-y goodness from Coca Cola. And the regular kind, not Light, Cherry or whatever. However, I’m also partial to Mountain Dew (the nectar of the gods).

22. My first real paying job was in high school, when I was the editor for a coffee table book. The theme was the “Best of the Philippines” and I got to interview and write about various personalities in Manila.

23. I’m next to useless around electronic gadgetry (I’m really a luddite at heart, I guess). If computer games did not exist, I don’t think I would have gone near a computer, sticking to a typewriter instead. I started with an Apple II in the days gone by.

24. I like playing games that engage my mind and are competitive. Hence stuff like Scrabble, Upwords, Magic, Pente. On the PC, I enjoy RPG games like Neverwinter Nights. I do not like shoot-em-ups.

25. Sparky (I know, but it’s true) was the first dog I truly loved and cared for. He was a Japanese Spitz and such a smart pooch. He vanished one day and broke my heart. I still think he was stolen by the construction workers next door and eaten.

26. One time I was late for a theatre show gala. I parked and ran as fast as I could to the doors, adjusting my coat and tie as I did. I cleverly decided to use a short cut by jumping over a barrier – and splashed into the moat-like water divider and submerged myself completely. Without missing a beat, I climbed out and ran back to my car and drove home, leaving amused people in my wake. (If you’re familiar with the Meralco Theatre, you know what I’m talking about.)

27. When I was younger and prone to wearing odd things, a counter girl at McDonalds asked me point blank if I was a Satanist. I smiled, fingering my ankh and said “No, I’m a born-again Christian.”

28. I used to wear my hair really long but had it cut very short a few days before I got married. I was getting tired of it anyway. It was a bitch to maintain (shampoo, conditioner, dryer, feh).

29. An old favorite snack of mine: taco shells, peanut butter and whipped cream. Spread PB on TS and generously spray WC. A summer delight.

30. I like to cook but hate washing up and putting away afterwards. However, once in a while, the craving for fastfood just overwhelms and I stuff myself with burgers and fries.


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