Monday, October 14, 2002

breaking walls/great blogs

Jason has decided to talk about things other than his comic company, and his first couple of posts are great to read. Go there!

So what makes good blog reading anyway? I've put most of the ones I really like on the left bar. For me, it's about content, though a killer sense of style (design-wise) adds more to the experience (a fine example is Imperial Doughnut). I like blogs are reflective (like Liv's Life and Professional Amateur) or outlandishly funny (like Flim's blog where his adventures in filmmaking produce hilarious posts).

I like blogs that talk about things, not necessarily "deep" or political or life-changing things, but stuff that matters to the author - though obviously there is much insight and depth that can be found by readers in even the most trivial-sounding of entries. For example, I like reading Marco's thoughts on food (along with his usual zinger-of-an-observation on human nature innocently buried in his prose), blueredorange's observations on daily living in New York and the heartbreaking honesty of It Matters Now.

I like blogs that expose thoughts or express strong opinions (like Blogatelle). I enjoy work that is obviously written by very human...people.

I like to read things that subvert precious little listings and movie/book/music reviews (hmmm, I may have hurt myself there - ouch!) and offer more than just a modicum of exposure, because I find myself likewise exposed by my very act of reading.

And that is the power of the blog, for me. There are hundreds of thousands of reflective glass - go find those facets that reflect something of yours (or wish you had), and see what there is to be seen.


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