Monday, October 14, 2002

no rest for the weary

Okay, I’ve been working non-stop for 6 hours on the materials and campaign plan for our presentation to our apparel client tomorrow morning. We’re presenting multiple looks for multiple sites, a comic book, a magazine and media plan, all in the context of a communications plan. Aieee!, indeed.

I’ve taken a couple of ciggie breaks because I found myself in a situation of aphasia – suddenly, the word I need to write is gone, gone, gone. Must step back.

When there is intense activity, there is hardly a sound in the office. After all the meetings and discussion and creative arguments, we’ve all hunkered down to do our stuff. It’s odd because we’re very very loud people.

I don’t mind writing the copy or the powerpoint or whatever. What I really really dislike is writing the thick final proposal/campaign description/quotation/blahblah which describes in detail just what the hell we’re going to do, how we’ll do it, the stuff we need to do, the metrics of success, the cost of each little things, blahblah. Feh.

My new goal in life is to develop a one-pager that has everything, in regular 10-point font. With smaller clients, I’m down to two pages, and I realize that I can be even briefer. I have learned that some client actually prefer voluminous agreements, in which case the dreary chore becomes an exercise in fluffer jargon – thanks to consultancy-speak.

Enough escape, back to work. Thanks for listening.


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