Tuesday, October 22, 2002

stupid, stupid government regulations

I just confirmed that, as I expected, we’ll have to pay for Sage’s travel tax and terminal fee at the airport. I don’t mind, that’s the rule, even if she is only 8 months old.

The killer thing is this: if, at the time we go to the airport, we can prove that she is indeed only an infant, both tax and fee are waived.

So I should smile and feel good about the money we’ll save, right?


Because according to the rules, we need a certification from the Department of Tourism stating that Sage is an infant. Despite the fact that she’ll be with us and I can show her passport and, hell, even show HER to whoever is in charge. But apparently, the evidence of passport and the senses is insufficient, so we’ll pay the levies.

Good God, to even think of having to go to the Department of Tourism! I’m certain that it would have been red-tape city there.


flight hours

Well, according to Northwest, our total traveling time will be slightly over 20 hours, with stopovers at Nagoya and Detroit. Which, to us smokers, means that we’ll have a ciggie break after 4 hours and then asphyxiate until America.

We plan to alternate sitting Sage on our laps (as such her ticket cost only around $110) and Nikki has gone and purchased all sorts of things to keep her amused, fed and calm (cold medicine as prescribed by her pediatrician).

We’re a bit anxious about the poor little girl because I know she’ll want to crawl all over the airplane, and she can’t.

I hope we can get the bulkhead area for more room (for some reason, Northwest does not allow seating reservation until you’re at the airport).


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