Tuesday, November 05, 2002

and even more food

I swear to God, a huge percentage of our trip here is spent in transit to food places and eating in them. Case in point, the lovely town of Portsville, NY, which is probably known for things other than Sprague's - an award-winning Maple Syrup manufacturer with one hell of a restaurant that serves killer portions of everything guaranteed to overload your arteries. We drove over an hour just to get there and enjoyed pork chops, turkey, corned beef hash, sausages and a stunning variety of pancakes and waffles served with their ubiquitous syrup.

At the risk of threatening Marco's claim to being the foodie blog, I must tell you that the other night, we braved the snow to find Tips Up, a friendly bar and cafe with fantastic lamb chops, escargot, perch and a pesto sauce to die for. I think I've gained a lot of weight here. It's impossible to move without eating.

Just now we had lasagna, prawns in lemon butter sauce, greens in a piquant dressing and a variety of muffins and bread.


Even as my wasitline widens I feel my mind shrivel (I look absurd in my spankin' new thermal undies - like a stuffed turkey nightmare that just won't go away).

digicam woes

the canon s20 I got for $350 did not come with a stupid rechargeable pack or an AC thingie. So we called Canon's offices and ordered all that plus a CF card of a decent size (96k). I wanted the 256k CF card but was stunned into silence when I was informed it cost $299 - almost as much as the damn camera. So we're having all of this Fedexed over to Ellicottville while we're in NYC so I can take pictures in Las Vegas. The obvious bummer is no digipix in NYC. That and the fact that this camera and its accoutrements total $700 - waaaay too much more than I anticipated. But flip side, of course, is that after all this money burning, I can take pictures to my heart's content.

off to NYC

So tomorrow, bright and early, we're driving to New York City to do the tourist thing and watch a play. I'm still looking a for decent adult bookstore or porn shop because I can't find any here (then again, it should be a cinch in Las Vegas). I'm not certain I can afford internet cafe access in NYC so this poor blog will be in limbo until the 8th when we return.


I was able to call my office and touch base with my partner Marc who's bravely handling everything while I'm away. Everything seems to be in order and the accounts we have are coming along nicely. I do wish I were home to do stuff, though. I've been doing some work here and sending it via email, but it's just not the same. Must rethink digital agency.

utos kay vin

Vin, please get me the blasted FHM calendar with Diana Zubiri! Naked pictures or not, it seems to be a cultural phenomenon.


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