Friday, November 01, 2002

an early thanksgiving

I mentioned that I had never really experienced a full-blown homecooked thanksgiving dinner with all the frills (various hotels don't count) and a friend of Nikki's mom immediately spent a day preparing a feast. So we all had an early thanksgiving replete with turkey, stuffing, green beans, corn bread, gravy, mashed potatoes, crnaberry sauce, pumpkin pie, ground coffee, a bouyant white wine and a friendly merlot. Stuffed as usual, may baon pa!

This massive dinner for 5 happened on Halloween and from time to time the doorbell would ring and kids would be there in costume shrieking "trick or treat"! I was not really amused, but offered to take my turn answering the door and handing out candy (I didn't want to appear like I was all mouth and stomach). During the course of my duty, I actually enjoyed myself. A kid in a Moses robe and white face paint rang the doorbell. I ask him if he's biblical. He says he's Osama bin Dead. Next, I see a large high school boy in a little red riding hood costume which looked liked it belonged to his kid sister. The contrast of golden girlie curls and his scruffy beard was enough to break down my antipathy.

Me (noticing his hairy legs) : You gotta be kidding me.

LRRH: No, and I wore this to school.

Me (offering my entire basket of goodies): Take what you want, you poor thing.

I also handed out candy to Britney Spears, two of the Osbornes, a Pink Lady from "Grease", Elvis, Spiderman, and more silly pop culture references than I care to acknowledge. But it was fun.

are you...?

I forgot to tell you. At dinner in one of the great restaurants here, the manager came over and chatted with us. Halfway though the conversation he asks me if I'm ever mistaken for Chow Yun Fat. I smile and relate the time in HK when a floor at a department store thought I was him, and how, during the Gen Con at Wisonsin, people followed me around asking to be photographed with me.

The thing is, I really do not think I look like him (very flattering though). But a lot of people seem to think so. Must be the buzz cut.

seven current heartaches

1. more snow
2. Shi-ann, my beloved bitch queen, voted out of Survivor: Thailand
3. dry skin
4. snail speed internet connection
5. need to be selective with the books we get (because we want them ALL)
6. all the stupid DVD films and tv series I want are available here
7. being unable to refuse all offers of food and wine


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