Saturday, November 02, 2002

more food

It never ends! In the past few days, we've gone to the Brew Pub in Buffalo (where peanuts in shells and popcorn is free and the Sirloin Steak Sandwich to die for) and several other places including pop culture reference Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is fantastic! My friends would kill for all the doughnut goodness they offer. Everything about it is true (and I can't believe I'm raving about a doughnut place). Sage (and I) was delighted at the doughnut machine that showed their entire production process, end-to-end yumminess, so to speak.


We had several inches of snow and Nikki's earlier snowman was swamped by the new batch that fell last night. With my new gloves I can handle the freexng stuff wth comfort, whch means sooner or later things will degenerate to a snowfight, and we'll see who the best Alfar is.


Stopped for an hour at a bookstore and tried desperately to find things on everyone's lists. Sorry Vin, but your stuff is not to be found (yet), but we were able to get some of the books we wanted, such as the Lemony Snicket Autobiography, the Carnivorous Carnival (Book 7?), the thief book, the new Majipoor volume, Coraline, and a few others. I was severely tempted by the David Blaine autobiography and the ton of TPBs they had stacked in 2 shelves (I'll just have to order all the other Daniel Clowes stuff from Vin).


The cold doesn't faze this little girl, and she look darling in her fleecy outside cold gear. She and I have matching homeboy/homegirl skullcaps (in pink and black).

She makes friends with everyone she meets, pouring on the charm and eliciting affection and cries of "how cute". And she loves the attention (that's my blood in her veins!).

Her gramma has gotten (and continues to get) her a pile of stuff - clothes, supplies, toys and every little thing a little girl could possibly want.

Sage loves it all!

jason's birthday

And it was Jason's birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, buddy! I hope Vin, Marco, Carl and Arnold took you out naman!


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