Monday, November 11, 2002

towards las vegas

Nikki, Sage and I took a two-leg flight to Las Vegas to see my father, whom I haven't seen for quite a while. Thanks to the power of online ticketing, we had to go south to Atlanta, Georgia, change planes and then take the freaking long trip to Nevada. The thing was, the length of the trip took us by surprise - I was honestly expecting a nice little jaunt little realizing that thousands of miles had to be crossed.

We left New York at 5PM and arrived at Las Vegas at 11PM local time, utterly exhausted and pissed because Delta ruined Sage's stroller. I was considering fighting them over it was just too tired and just wanted to see Papa. But let me tell you, carrying a ruined stroller up escalators and the like was a trial. I think I will just dump the damn thing (but the fact that I paid an arm and a leg for it gives me pause - baka naman puede ayusin).

in my father's house

While wandering around baggage claim in a foul mood I was about to clock this bozo who sidled up to me before I realized it was my dad! Embraces all around and the introduction of granddaughter to grandfather - all beautiful. We finally got our bags, climbed into his Benz (that's my dad) and went to his fine fine house, where we made BLT sandwiches, drank Bacardi Silver and began catching up on old times. One of the perks was Papa's porch where Nikki and I were able to finally smoke after that grueling flight!

He surprised me by playing a tape from1972 of me (at 3 years) relating my convoluted version of "Goldilocks" and "The Three Little Pigs" (proving my early penchant for fairy tales), before launching into a mindboggling rendition of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone". Nikki, of course, was rolling in the aisles. Furthermore, he showed me copies of my first two published pieces of short fiction from 1991 - of which even I do not have copies of, after all the termites and moving and such. I was so delighted I'm having them photocopied at a Kinko somewhere.

Because of various things including unexpected relatives who want to see us, we won't be able to attend the lunch party for Pauline's son Dylan. Instead, I spoke to her mom to try to arrange a late merienda or dinner tomorrow.

Las Vegas is nice and cool, not freezing, so at last I have the right kind of clothing! And he has killer laptop with this incredibly fast connection. I'd be in hog heaven if I wasn't too sleepy.

comedy of errors

Marc wrote to tell me that they lost my mother's prize poodle, Tofu, during a Pipeline photoshoot yesterday. This would be hilarious if it were not serious. Apparently, the leash broke before the photos were taken and Tofu ran out the building, across C5 and into a huge golf course and beyond into the snake-infested cogon grass. I hope they find the pup because I will be crucified upon my return if they don't. Sheesh. Well, at least it wasn't the award-winning whippet.


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