Monday, November 11, 2002

we are family

Spent a lot of time bonding with my dad and let me tell you - it felt great. We'd pass Sage between us and talk about the old times and the future and how life was the stuff of uncertainty itself but how some things remain constant. Sage took an instant liking to him and gave him the honor of falling asleep in his embrace.

Later, we meet up with some members of my family on my father's side that I had ignored for most of life due to the divorce and all that crap. I want to touch base with everyone so that Sage grows up with notion of an vast network of extended family everywhere. We met my cousin Joel and his family who were in Vegas visting from California - his 27-month-old son Jonesy and Sage became pals. We also met another cousin, Iris and her family, before we all went off to a casino for buffet lunch. I'll spare you the details simply because there was just too much food, too much variety and champagne flowed like water.

It's great to rekindle relationships. Next year, we plan to go back to the US in October and visit family in California, Oklahoma, Florida and god-knows-where-else. Invitations to house, feed, entertain and drive us around came from various family members. Ah, family.


Papa wanted to take us everywhere and was distressed when our first priority was the giant Barnes & Nobles and Borders (Sightseeing is nice but books you can take home and read). So off we went and stocked up on more stuff from our list. I got "Abarat" by Clive Barker, "Summerland" by Michael Chabon (both in nice hardcover), several TPBs and a copy of Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" that I've been looking for (it's his other book "Reinventing Comics" that is usually available). Nikki got a ton of stuff on her fantasy/horror list. And Vin - yes, I finally got you a lot of the stuff on your list! I so desperately wanted a "Series of Unfortunate Events" t-shirt, but they were all medium size. Oh, the sadness.

And there was, of course, a lot more we wanted.. sigh.

viva las vegas

And finally night came and we hied off for the Strip and too many casinos! MGM, Excalibur, New York, New York, Bellagio, Venetian - all madness and color and light and sound. We did a lot of things (and Papa won Sage a white tiger) and I did have my digicam so pictures will follow. Suffice to say, Vegas was overwhelming and when we got back home, Sage, Nikki and I fell into deep slumber, utter exhausted by the glitz of the sprawling city.


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