Friday, November 01, 2002


Traffic to this blog spiked suspiciously with the timing of the release of the FHM Calendar with Diana Zubiri and the end of the month. Normally, I don't pay attention to my web stats, but I was wondering if people thought I abandoned this blog to die a slow death because I am unable to consistently post on a daily basis while abroad (this lovely chalet has a 56k dial-up but I'm hoping for a DSL set-up before I go home - never thought I'd see the day when I'd think my Destiny Cable connection is superior to something over here). Anyway, a lot of you horn dogs went searching for nakedpictures of Diana Zubiri and Maui Taylor and sad to say, I don't have them! Look somewhere else! Unlike you, I just want the calendar and I posted that little thought last week! I'm sorry brothers, but I don't have the stuff you're looking for.

new york city - las vegas

Early next week, we're off to NYC. We've found a nice (inexpensive) place on Staten Island and plan to take the ferry and do the tourist thing - ground zero, broadway, fao schwartz, big bookstore, the met, central park - in 3 days time. I know we probably won't see much, but what the hell.

Then back to Buffalo for our flight to Las Vegas to visit my father and our friends in the area. Hey Pauline and Xtine and Ron! Please email and post your phone numbers again as I stupidly misplaced my notebook. In Vegas, we'll look for the CSI team (just kidding), catch a lounge act, do some gambling and visit adult bookstores (without Sage, of course). And eat. And catch up on old times.


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