Wednesday, December 04, 2002

adventures in the snow

Yup, Nikki and I have finally gotten Icewind Dale II and it's loads of fun. As I must have mentioned before, we're suckers for these kinds of games. One of the cool features is being able to create up to 6 characters from a whole bunch of races, sub-races, classes, orders and such. Since it uses D&D's 3rd Edition Rules, you can customize like mad and try to min-max your party (or go the opposite route and create silly things like a Gnome Barbarian).

As usual, half my party are spellcasters of some sort (what can I say? I love magic!) with the balance being 2 Fighter-types and a Rogue. I'm resisting the temptation to keep restarting because in the midst of playing, I suddenly think of a cool new character set. Guess I'll finish the game first! With Baldur's Gate II, Neverwinter Nights and this game, we're happy campers.


With Marc (stylist), Maureen (lights) and Joseph (production assistant), I took the shots for one of our client's product catalogues that will appear online. There was a mad scramble at first to find an appropiate white surface (because I want to shoot the apparel flat and then just digitally place a background), but we found a huge piece of white something in the office. I set my camera to its maximum resolution and I was quite happy when I viewed my shots.

Still subjects are great to shoot because...they don't move. Sage, on the other hand, has to be caught unaware. If she sees me with the camera, she comes crawling like mad to eat it.

I really really really really need to take classes in lighting, though. My brain reels at the principles of lighting, sorta like...math.


I've decided to give the entire office a nice Christmas break. Last day for work is Dec. 20 and everyone reports back in on Jan. 3. This allows for travels around the country or just to recharge, get back in touch with loved ones or forget all about our regular daily stress. for our Christmas party, we'll all hie off to Dampa in Paranaque and gorge ourselves silly on seafood.

No programs, no speeches, just food. And fellowship.

My partners and I have been blessed with a great staff and crew who have stuck through thick and thin with us. There is only so much I can do by myself. The real hard work is done by this merry band. This is the least we can do for them.


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