Saturday, December 28, 2002

comic book shelf

I periodically bully my best friend Vin (love ya, man!) into giving me discounts at his comic store. Apart from the regular issues I get, I am prone to shelling out blood to get trade paperback compilations or original graphic novels to add to my growing collection. My shelves are getting thicker and I'm the point where I actually need a new one to store all TPBs I've been getting. The tragic thing this is that all other real books have been migrated to inside our room, leaving the privilege of being displayed for the comics alone.

My most recent additions include:

Supreme: The Story of the Year (Moore)
New X-Men: e is for extinction (Morrison)
New X-Men: new worlds (Morrison)
Bone: Treasure Hunters (Smith)
Invisibles: Invisible Kingdom (Morrison)
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 4 (Bendis)
JSA: Return of Hawkman (Goyer)
Forge Vol. 7 & 8 (various)

Moore's run on Supreme is a hoot (the $27 price tag, however, is not). Morrison's run of New X-Men is worth it for the occassional moment of "Huh?" (besides, I like the way he insults all of us old-time X-Men readers by spinning the old characters into sudden new orbits); but the final volume of Invisibles just all-out sucked. The penultimate volume of Bone tried to relive it's earlier charm but failed, leaving the impression of sullen incompleteness - but still Smith's art is just so dear. Bendis continues to write great dialogue in Ultimate Spiderman, making the price of admission an easy expense. The old-time JSA fan in me would keel over if I did not buy the Return of Hawkman story arc (and of course I have all the original issues). And I picked up the two volumes of Forge at the comic convention at a massive discount, so was able to catch up with what's going on at CrossGen (Route 666 is an interesting read).


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