Thursday, December 05, 2002


Is a Filipino phrase derived from the Spanish, meaning "a deep sense of propriety". Apparently, our Lady President has no delicadeza because yet again she has performed an error of judgement which reflects badly on her integrity. A few days ago, she appointed her husband, the First Gentleman, as "special envoy for overseas Filipino workers". To soften the shock, she announced that he would not be paid a salary, instead she would pay him with "love".

Putting aside all thoughts of our country's leaders cavorting in bed (in lieu of an official salary), what she has done is clearly against the very first administrative order she signed when she came into power - prohibiting all public officials from transacting with spouses and relatives up to a certain degree.

So what now? The palace, responding to public criticism, stated that if the appointed is found to be unlawful, then they will remove the First Gentleman from the post.

Silly, silly.

Well, at least the royal family of Japan found our President "cute" during her state visit.

Imagine that.


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