Saturday, December 28, 2002

twin celebrations

Today my sisters Reb and Joe celebrate their 25th birthday.

25 years. Gah. I can't believe it.

When we were all much much younger, I would take them out to museums and parks and other places on my odd free Saturdays. We would watch a movie or end up eating somewhere. It's amazing to me how much more they remember than I do, but it does gladden my heart to hear them talk about those times.

And now everyone is older and soon I know they'll have their own families. I'll probably take their kids out with Sage.

I've tried to pinpoint the time when they ceased to be my little sisters and grew up to be wonderful people on their own terms - but I can't. Time is like that, I guess. Some changes are so subtle that the entire drama hits you full-force when you stop moving and just look.

Reb, a chef, may move to Australia to pursue her dream of opening a restaurant (which I committed to help manage as her Maitre d' - I'll probably guzzle all her red wine before she makes a profit though) and Joe will be a doctor soon (she already keeps tabs on Sage as well as Nikki and myself).

Where did all the time go?

And on January 2, in 5 days, I'll turn 34.



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