Monday, January 06, 2003

The Beta version of our group's website is ready for viewing. Go to Hinirang and see what we've collectively been up to.

Hinirang is a reimagined Philippines set during the Spanish occupation, where faith and magic allow for the most interesting of situations.

We all contributed to the site and will update it with content regularly. For example, you can check out the online adventures of Immacolata (the Katoa heroine of my comic book The Lost) as written and illustrated by Marco Dimaano. Or read up on the first few chapters of the new Baylans novel by Jason Banico. Or see Arnold Arre's gallery of Hinirang paintings and illustrations. Or read Carlo Vergara's novella, Vin Simbulan and Dino Yu's poetry or Nikki Alfar's fiction.

I also have a number of short stories available there for reading, such as:

Kung Paano Nanalo ng Karera si Rosang Taba (How Rosang Taba Won a Race) - Remember that the Ispancialo subjugated the Katao but ultimately failed to crush the Katao spirit. This story is written in a different manner, as if culling from different sources.

I first wrote this to give a voice to the Katao (hence the Filipino title - but everything is in English), and to be able to write a story from their perspective. Prior to this, I had focused on the Ispancialo side.

Hindi Ako Gumamela (I Am Not Fringed Hibiscus) - In a mountain valley, a young girl is visited by a recurring dream.

Is it truly a god who comes to her at night?

Gods, dreams and dreams of gods figure prominently in many traditions. Here's my take on epiphany in the fewest words possible. I wrote it on paper napkins while waiting for a client (how Harry Potter, Vin!).

Sabados Con Frayle Villalobos (Saturdays With Fray Villalobos) - A story about an Ispancialo priest, recipes and the nature of people.

I had a field day searching for recipes myself. Whenever I see this, I get hungry.

Also part of this cycle is L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars) (published by Strange Horizons - go now!), Ang Dalaga at Ang Buaia (The Maiden and the Crocodile) (published in Ab Ovo#1 by Kestrel Studios), and a few others.

Go and read.


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