Monday, January 13, 2003

hinirang: the roleplaying game?

Got a kick when Xandro pointed me to a thread at that discussed Hinirang as a setting for an RPG. The genesis of Hinirang was precisely that (I remember Jason threatening to use his world-building tools) and the creators group talked about things like character classes, a bestiary and such. Ultimately, we agreed to take it a step at a time.

My opinion is that the best way to build a setting is to write stories set in it, creating people, locales and circumstances that live and breathe the unique air of Hinirang.

However, my goal in writing my fiction (to date) has been to create literate stories first - not sequences of rollicking adventure. If plans do push through for a more "active" world, then I will write some action yarns, quests, histories and other things like names and origins of extraorfdinary items, peculiar events that shaped the land and the heroes, soldiers, priests and assorted characters who walk the realms.

So I will be writing in two modes: my so-called "literate" stories, which are not necessarily what hardcore gamers would like; and tales of a more fantastical bent, geared towards keeping Hinirang alive and exciting. Both modes will serve the "grand storyline", which of course has to do first with the Revolution, and then the difficulties with the native Powers of Hinirang versus the forces of the Tres Hermanas.

This is rather exciting because we're developing a world I'd love to run a campaign in myself. So next week, I'm planning to meet up with some people who believe in Hinirang like its creators do. We'll see what happens.


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