Friday, January 24, 2003

review: catch me if you can

Just finished watching the DVD version with Nikki, and I must say that this film (which I was prepared to loathe, having di Caprio in it and being directed by touchy-feely Spielberg) surpassed my expectations in a big way.

Catch Me If You Can was principally written by Frank Abagnale Jr. himself, and the script flowed quite well. The editing (transitions) and photography were top-notch, and, while he cannot escape doing his little signatures, Spielberg's direction was well-done.

But the acting of my hated di Caprio was a revelation. Although one must willingly suspend disbelief to accept many things about his character, di Caprio's performance was understated and worthy of mention. In his scenes as a (slightly) older man, he relied on body language; creating a credible nuance of posture that persuaded me. Hanks, on the other hand, acted exactly as he normally does - which is to say, not very much.

All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable evening film.

Final Rating:

Catch Me If You Can - ****** (of 10)


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