Saturday, January 25, 2003

silver lining

But at least my entire weekend's wa is not compromised (gah, the very notion of the return of the thing irks me to no end):

1. We're off to a baby party at Greenbelt for Lia, my deceased cousin's daughter who's turning a year old today. Sage is already dressed up and raring to go play at the playplace (I never know what to call those things).

2. Cams just texted and we're all watching Hero's premiere next week! You are a miracle worker, Cams!

3. I'm halfway done with another Hinirang story, The Dragon in her Eyes. It features Tsino (Chinese) characters and is set in Lújìng Béishú, Tsino Enclave within Ciudad Meiora. If I finish it before the end of the month, then I'd have doubled my committement of writing a new story a month for the Hinirang site. Oh, and in the convention of titles for Hinirang stories, this one does have a title in Chinese characters too.

4. I've made the first two payments for the new place we're moving to, and it looks like all systems go. The new condo unit is over 90 sq.m. - enough room for Sage to run around in.

5. We won an important project from a big company after my song-and-dance number.

So, on the balance, there are more good things to be thankful for.

Oh, yes.


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