Thursday, February 06, 2003

art strong

I attended a client's product press launch and had lunch at Tavern on the Square with Marc and Cams.

The last time I was there not much of the restaurants were open, and so I was surprised by the number of new places to eat or hang out in. Of course I knew about Twelve and Uva, but didn't know that Big Buddha, Hue, Sentro and other places were already packing in customers.

Food at the tavern was wretched, but my time was not wasted because of the excellent band that played during the launch: Art Strong (I don't know if the name is actually one word though). They had this lovely mellow-ska-rhythm-jazz-chilloutish-but-not-really sound that appealed to almost everybody at the Tavern.

I think its time to start listening to live music again. Even if only once in a blue moon.

contract signing

Today I met my landlord and we hit it off immediately. This nice guy turned out to be the owner of a chain of stores plus a lot of real estate (so in the midst of things I set an appointment to formally present Pipeline's credentials). We ended up laughing when he revealed he was half-Cantonese and I threw out all the Cantonese food phrases I knew.

Due to the goodwill generated, I got an extra week free of rent, plus all the keys.

And of course a severe dent in the bank account due to all the advances, deposits and assorted fees.

But we are a go for Monday!

So we move in with the stuff we have and wait for the new things we ordered (which includes the beds).

Thank God Nikki is handling most of this - given my stress level at work, I think I'll just slowly sink in despair at all the details.


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