Thursday, February 20, 2003

an evening at comic quest

Yesterday, while waiting for Vin (and Nikki who was shanghaied into looking at a new bookstore), I got a chance to talk with Kensai Yonzon, the EIC of Mango Comics. He is, of course, very excited about the upcoming launch of their comic book next week. This year looks like the Year of Darna, given that Ballet Philippines is mounting a huge production based on the character and storyline, plus the Darna tribute album and other really cool stuff.

Mango Comics is going all out on this comic, with a huge print run, media support and fantastic word of mouth. Elements that we poorer comic creators can only dream of. Kestrel Studios is behind them all the way and wish them the best. Remember that in our industry, the success of one is the success of all. The new comic readers that Darna creates will hopefully pick up other books by other Filipinos.

What is absurd are the usual grumblings of some pathetic oafs who claim that Darna is just more superhero trash, as if every book in the universe has to be of the "indie" mold (you know, black and white angst about life and relationships juxtaposed against a so-called real world background, with pithy one-liners and metaphors of staggering depth).

Feh. (And lest I be misquoted, let me say that I generally enjoy said "indie" type comics, spending quite a bit on them. Except for Andi Watson who writes pure drivel, who- by the way, is co-writing Namor for Marvel's Tsunami - oh the mind boggles).

Nikki and Vin arrived with the new stocks and Marco whipped out his pasalubong for us: necklaces and bracelets from exotic Boracay (ours, naturally, in classy black).

Later Ruel de Vera joined us and we had a great time comparing reviews of various things, noting the inordinate amount of useless trivia we knew. That was when I told them one of maxims: If you have nothing nice to say, say it loudly. Ha.

Later, Nikki and I abandoned everyone and had dinner, celebrating her birthday at her favorite restaurant.

Let me tell you, I am so in love with this woman.

Walking home, hand in hand, we laughed at the taxis that made futile efforts to lure us into their air-conditioned interiors. There is power in being able just to walk home and not be at anyone's mercy, knowing that you are less than a thousand paces away from your little girl.


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