Wednesday, February 12, 2003

like water in a dry desert

That is how I feel about the escalation of expenses related to post-moving: having the aircon cleaned and installed, buying the necessary items for the place, paying for all the people who've been helping do a variety of things, getting cable TV, an internet connection, a phone line, blah blah blah.

It's absurd.

And, of course, it's Sage's birthday on Friday (but we'll celebrate on Saturday) and Nikki's birthday on the 19th - and I intend to make both days special for these two girls I love so much.

Thank god Pipe has been winning the occasional project here and there (still no word on the real big one I'm keeping my toes crossed for).

We also had a hard time sleeping last night - siguro naninibago (we're getting used to the new place).

writing in Hinirang

The great thing is that, in the past couple of days, I've been able to read the first versions of new Hinirang stories from Jason and Vin.

Jason talks a bit about his journal-style horror story in his blog. Apart from some suggestions on tone and styling (and a comment on preserving Hinirang's primacy as The Locale), I enjoyed reading his first two installments. I hope to see the complete serial soon - but we will be publishing the sequence at the Hinirang site as the story develops.

Vin, under severe pressure from me (hahaha) to finish his Tsino story and The Humbling Forest, whipped out a complete new short story, Pula (Red).

The interesting thing about this is the experimental form he adopted, alternating English and Filipino language to correspond to Ispancialo and Katao viewpoints. Expect it in Hinirang soon.

Because of the sudden delicious appearance of new stories, I also feel compelled to write a couple of stories out of schedule (consigning the poor Tiq'Barang lady detective to yet another cycle of waiting) - except that I can't wrap my mind around writing anything of worth just right now. Sigh.

But what's wonderful is that - fiction-wise - Hinirang will have 5 principal authors - Nikki, me, Carl, Jason and Vin. More fiction from us means more interesting stories to read.


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