Monday, February 10, 2003

moving day

Today is moving day and the 3 Alfar family members split up to do their own thing: I had to go to work because of another client Annual Report presentation (which went swimmingly well) and to handle all the other business matters; Nikki handled the movers, heading taking stuff from 2 locations (and we're expecting the delivery of all the furniture pieces we ordered from Our Home in Megamall tonight); and finally, Sage spent the day with her Grams, doing all the stuff she does (running around, exploring new things, eating strange food).

Our new place is a spit away from a mall, is one floor below the roofdeck with the pool, sauna, gym and playroom, and is a third larger than our previous digs. Gone will be the days of walking to work, but hey, I'll find another way to exercise (though oddly I think I've unexpectedly lost an inch around the waist because I fit into some old pants I found while packing). I won't really miss the Greenhills area, since my office is still there and I can walk to the barber's for my oh-so-manly routine.

But I did feel a bit sad, because I have only good memories of Le Gran.

I talked to Nikki about how we felt everytime we moved as a couple in the past 7 years.

* Fort Bonifacio to Makati

NIKKI: "We were proud and angry and glad to be free."

* Makati to Fort Bonifacio

NIKKI: "We were sad to move back, but happy that we had the house all to ourselves. Of course, there was the lack of water and electricity..."

* Fort Bonifacio to Makati

NIKKI: "We so happy. We had such a larger unit, you did cartwheels. And we had electricity. And water."

* Makati to Hong Kong

NIKKI: "Happy to move! We were together again!"

Hong Kong (North Point, HK Island) to Greenhills

NIKKI: "Happy! Sage was on the way, Pipe was new, and you loved Greenhills."

Greenhills to Ortigas Center

NIKKI: "Arg! Too many small things to pack. I'm just focused on getting us there."

DEAN: "Well, I'm kinda sad."

SAGE: "dog."


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