Thursday, February 06, 2003

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Head on over to the Hinirang project site and check out the new stories. This month, Nikki Alfar contributes two Katao fiction pieces while I have an Ispancialo one, all accompanied by wonderful illustrations by Carl Vergara (thanks to Jason for the upload!)

Teasers from the stories (remember that you can read the full version for free):

Ang Mahiwagang Manok ni Menggay (Menggay's Magical Chicken) by Nikki Alfar

Menggay’s chicken was magic.

It had not been her chicken to begin with, exactly—it was one of a flock belonging to her family—but she was the one who discovered its clairvoyance when she accidentally dropped an entire bilao of uncooked rice when crossing the yard one afternoon.

“Ay!” cried Menggay, watching the precious grains go flying.

The family chickens, as appropriately chicken-hearted as always, squawked in dismay and scurried to the other end of the dirt yard. Except for the odd-colored chicken (black where it should have been brown, and brown where it should have been black), which only flapped its wings, and raced forward on its scaly pink feet to peck at the fallen bigas in a most unorthodox manner.

Terminos (Endings) by Dean Francis Alfar

The Apocalypse arrived that night, like an unexpected thief, triggered by the loss of one little boy’s faith. In their fury, radiant devas came to Miguel’s room on shimmering wings, shattering the walls of the house.

“So this is the one who brought about the End of Things,” the fiercest among them said, pointing to the sleeping boy with a sword that burned a flame unseen since the Beginning of All Things. With a soundless cry she struck Miguel Lopez Vicente once, as was prophesied by the Great Book, then flew with her legion into the sky that wept blood and stars.

Asin (Salt) by Nikki Alfar

Sweat pooled beneath her breasts as she climbed the highest outcropping overlooking the sea, for here, at least, after her father cast off each morning, she could sing out her sorrows without shame. Shame that she was intruding upon his grief, shame that she dared to think her loss as great as his, her anguish as important.


Next month will bring three new stories from the Hinirang creators. I can guarantee my "Dragon Eyes" but will keep the others as a surprise until the next monthy update.

If you like what you see and read (heck, even if you don't), take time to drop us a note. Send mail to Let us know what you think.

hinirang interview

Jason, Cams, Carl, Marco, Nikki and I were interviewed for a magazine last night, and the topic was Hinirang. Thus we expounded on the origins of the project, about our sentiments and goals, and related many an amusing anecdote. It will be interesting to see how things turn out when the story appears in print.


Of course, all of this was on the heels of frankly heart-breaking news that pertains to my business.

Still not comfy writing about it, but I felt a great deal of sadness last night.

But things change, you move on and look forward. Perhaps even hope for better things.

There is a reason why past is past: so you can be free of its numbing touch.

More when I'm able to write.


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