Monday, February 03, 2003

notes from the weekend


I was playing with Sage, with the TV turned on to the news, when I heard about the tragedy of the space shuttle.Columbia.

What made it even more horrible, more terribly human, was the series of interviews they showed of the crew - talking about circling the moon and watching the Earth spin like another world.

Immediately, people talked of the possibility of terrorism, with the shuttle and its crew the victims of more hate. Possible, yes, but too abominable to think.

I'm saddened by the loss of these people whom I never met. They represented much of what is good in all of us, cutting through the artificial barriers of culture and color.


In a surreal twist, we have to burn some of the work we've done for a client, due to a belated reaction from upper management.

I didn't know whether to feel flattered or offended at first, as my mind reeled from the unexpectedness of the instructions.

Ultimately, I took it with a smile, set my heart on professional automatic, and began a metaphoric bonfire - recalling other publications since consigned to flame.

The important thing to remember is this: ownership of work done clearly for hire is always the client's. Not mine. Not anymore.

So burn, baby, burn.

carver house built

Carl has given in to his dark side and created his own blog, Carver House. Expect blogworthy commentary and lovely art (once the poor guy has time, given the sheer volume of stuff he's doing).

As readers of Notes from the Peanut Gallery know, I have absolute adoration of this man's work, which includes One Night in Purgatory, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ruin, Ab Ovo and much much more.

Welcome, Carl!

hinirang: TVC?

While joshing around with Flim, we talked about the possibility of creating either a short feature or a thirty/sixty-seconder for our web project, Hinirang, with Carl volunteered against his will in a starring role.

If do this, it has to be in a way that is cost-effective (read: no budget), although I volunteered Jason as producer, also against his will. But can you imagine this? It'll rock!

darwin and mites

Thanks to the kindness of Patrick over at Strange Haven, Nikki and I were able to read 3 issues of Jay Hosler's Sandwalk Adventures.

This ambitous story, about evolution, is told in several layers and modes in a charming and truly inventive manner: Darwin has deep conversations is a mite in his eyebrow. Of course we loved it!

We also gained a deeper understanding of evolution and fitness, much like we learned about bees in his previous work.

Go find this book.


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