Tuesday, February 25, 2003

review: adaptation

One the critically-acclaimed films in the Oscar race, Adaptation did nothing for me.

The lead character's internal criticism is absolutely true: it is pretentious and narcissistic. Let me add masturbatory.

The film's conceit failed in execution, almost pleading with the viewer's intellectual vanity to see its (presumed) merit. I did not apprecite the "cleverness" of the multiple layers, point and counterpoint in the least. And both the climax (of the so-called non-story) and the ending both failed to evoke any truth in development.

Seeing Nicolas Cage playing twin brothers was enough to put me off and, sadly, Meryl Streep's acting was subpar. The only highlight was the madly inspired acting of Chris Cooper (for which I think he'll be a tough contender at Oscar night).

Though not completely devoid of value, this is a film I would not care to see again.

Final Rating: Adaptation

***** (out of 10)


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