Thursday, February 27, 2003

the unexpected businessman

Quiet day at the office, most of us doing stuff pertaining to live projects. The good news is that we have a good number of new projects in the pipeline, including some branding work, which is always interesting. Designing a logo and creating a viable rationale and its host of applications is an enjoyable process. In addition, we are exploring a new partnership, a potential bonanza of new clients from another source and the possibility of hiring one or two more staff members (in addition to our new Art Director and a new Designer). I also met a new client who came to visit and had fun defending our design choices.

I remember the days, not so long ago, when I'd agonize about our very existence. Now, thanks to the hard work, inventiveness, patience and good humor of my partners and staff, the concern has diminished (I'd be a fool to claim it has vanished entirely). As an unexpected businessman, I've learned that, like life, business is about finding stability in a sea of constant change - finding means to press forward against the natural tendency of things to slow down or spiral into chaos. It's about rolling with the punches and developing the ability to bend but not break, creating opportunities where there are none and squeezing every ounce of potential from circumstances.

Against the advice of businessmen better than myself, I handle my affairs with both mind and heart, trying to balance the concerns of the bottom line with the fact that I'm just as flawed as the next person. Having moderate success is good, but enjoying what you do is even better - though at times you think what the hell do I do now?

Am I anywhere near I want to be? Not yet, but I've found that the adage about the journey being just as important as reaching the destination both blissfully and painfully true.

And yes, I do stop to look at the sights. That's very important, don't you think?

something for the soul

Tomorrow, the entire office and I (plus our assorted spouses and lovers) are going to a couple of museums to enrich our souls and touch base with the Filipino creative spark. I know that what we have at the National Museum and the Met pales in comparison to the grand art found in other countries (oh my eyeteeth to see a Renoir or a Degas again), but we have every reason to be proud. We have our own set of native Old Masters who worked wonder and miracles with color, texture and subject matter. Why go on an official company outing to stuffy museums instead of, let's say, the beach? If you need to ask the question, then you do not know me at all.

Apart from the Luna's Spolarium, I'd like to see Espanas y Filipinas - which is just perfect as a launching point for a Hinirang story about friendship between two women of two cultures.

We plan to have lunch somewhere in Binondo, perhaps at President's. It will be the first time for some of my crew to sample local Chinese fare in Old Manila. If time permits, I'd like to do a little walking around the old walls too.

comics, we've got comics

After an exchange of SMS messages, Vin persuaded Nikki and I to check out the new comics that arrived last night. A lot of tempting things but we ended up with the following:

Hellboy: Weird Tales - Good story by Cassaday (but I admit I'm quite unnerved by a smooth-looking Hellboy), but oh my God, what the hell is Andi Watson doing in these pages? Please, please, please. Make him go away.

The Legion - Shades of Hannibal Lecter, Batman! Ra's al Ghul escapes and I feel ripped off (and experience an odd sense of deja vu). Feh.

Vertigo X - As a magazine that provides samples of upcoming projects, this rocked. I'm happilty anticipating the multiple releases in the near future.

X-Statix - A mindtrip, as usual.

Batman - I picked it up because what fanboy can resist another Batman vs. Superman story? Did I like it? Enough to plan buying the collected editions of "Hush" when it comes out.

Darna - I wish this comic book could say a magic word and become something better than it is. I wish. I really do.


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