Tuesday, February 04, 2003

yamashita kaboom!

Road workers north of Manila thought they had found a portion of the legendary Yamashita treasure when they stumbled across mustard-colored bars along with rusted Japanese bayonets.

For those unfamiliar with the legend, during the end of the war in the Philippines, the fleeing Japanese hid their gold somewhere. This became the basis for much speculation, digging, scams and the occassional film.

Anyway, the road workers were dismayed when they realized that what they had was not gold, but over 40 kilos of vintage Japanese bombs. They turned these over to the police, after almost a year, along with a corroded 250kg missile.

24 hour comic

Thanks to his courier, I got a copy of El's 24-hour comic in digital format (html and pdf). One of the cool things about his format is that like a DVD, you can read his comic book with commentary if you want (or just read the normal version). In addition, he added other cool things in the package.

A 24-hour comic is a book done in 24 hours: writing, illustration, colors, letters, edits, packaging, the works.

I'll need to set aside time to digest all of this, because unlike printed comics which I carry to bed or bathroom, I need to explore his work via my computer - like a website or the digital content that my own company, Pipeline, does from time to time.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how he brings this all together - because this is the exactly the manner by which Marco, Jason and some others of the Hinirang creators plan to release comics in the future: a combination of print and digital media.


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