Sunday, March 02, 2003

hinirang feature article

There is a feature article about Hinirang in the Feb 17, 2003 issue of Computerworld Philippines.

I'm quoted quite liberally, which really tickled me (how horrible to sound so...ungrammatical).

"We realized that a lot of our individual works reflect what we call the Hinirang sensibilities, which is a respect for the Philippines of the past, a love for our nation and a feeling of belonging to a country as an individual and as a creator."

Our group was represented quite well: Nikki and myself, Jason, Marco and Carl all have sound bites. Too bad Arnold, Cynthia, Vin and Dino couldn't make it then.

We'll place it in the Press section of the site, of course, and add the new stories to the site once the artwork is done. Hopefully we'll have Halimaw (Monster) by Vin Simbulan, the first two episodes of Jason Banico's journal tale (illustrated by Camille Portugal), and Dragon Eyes by myself plus another installment of Marco Dimaano's Immacolata.


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