Friday, March 21, 2003

mental fatigue

I got up early and began a loooong day of pictorials and got home past sunset, hungry and almost brain-dead.

This time, we decided to handle pictorials in an interview-like manner, with Marc and I sharing art direction while I spoke with everyone - all GMs, CEOs or lawyers. What got me tired was the sheer level of collective intelligence I had to deal with, and the stunning variety of topics we discussed - barely touching business concerns: the war in Iraq, Philippine politics, comparative analysis of graduate schools in the US, design in Europe, Southeast Asian economics, and so on. My highlight was being tasked to explain exactly what ever happened to the leader of Libya in the scheme of geopolitics and what precisely was going on in "The Hours" triptych.

Our clients enjoyed the novel approach, which did not necessitate them having to pose unnaturally. In fact, discussions went on at length and the photographer, having taken his fill, would just sit back and listen to my impromptu talk show.

It really pays to read a lot.

And to have an opinion.

And not be intimidated by titles or whatnot.

But right now, all I want is to zone out.


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