Monday, March 17, 2003

to the cat in the stairwell

Dear Cat, (you might wonder how I knew that
You, of all things were of feline persuasion
Not a dog, an iguana or a guano-filled bat -
Really it was a rather simple equation)

The stairwell in my office building
Is something we both hold in common, we do.
But, frankly, I do not appreciate your gilding
The floor with your definitive catty poo

Each morning I go there to smoke a cigarette
To think and ponder through the days’ mess
But instead of calm contemplation I get so upset
To find your catty poo, scattered, with no finesse

Why are you in this place anyway?
Do you not have a home to call your own?
Put yourself in my position of dismay
If I shat upon your geographical zone

So I ask you, gentleman to gentlebeast
Kindly confine your scatologolical inclinations
To where it is appropriate (to say the least)
In the name of proper diplomatic relations

Yours truly,


**Really, you try going to your favorite ciggie spot for a deserved break only to find cat crap and see how you feel.**


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