Tuesday, April 15, 2003

another prurient entry

Thanks to my friends over at Yehey!, I was able to score a copy of Sukdulan, the Viva movie starring ex-child star Katya Santos in her newly bold role. I'm not really a fan but who can resist a free film? (Sidenote: It turns out that I missed the Gee Girls, the next hot group of sexy things, at their live chat session at Yehey! Too bad.)

In the film, she plays a married woman who cannot be satisfied by her husband. Ultimately, she falls to the wiles of another guy who is able to bring her satisfaction. And, in the tradition of really bad Filipino films, things take a melodramatic turn and blood is spilled.

But who is Katya Santos?

Writer Sol Jose Vanzi tells us that after Maui Taylor, Katya is the next former child actress to go "bold" at Viva. Her real name is Katrina Santos and she started as a commercial model when she was only 4, then joined Ang TV and Oki Doki Doc on ABS-CBN.

"I got my first offer to go 'bold' when I was 16 in Balahibong Pusa but I rejected it because I wasn't ready," she says. "My role went to Rica Peralejo. Through the years, Viva would offer me other sexy roles, like Tatarin and Scorpio Nights 3, pero ayoko. Instead, they gave me contravida roles on TV in Anna Karenina and in films like Radyo and Akala Mo. Recently, they asked me again and since I already turned 20 last February 2, I felt I'm of age. Sabi ko, if I'd say no again, baka mawalan na ng gana ang Viva to launch me and I might regret it later that I passed such an opportunity.

"I talked to my parents and I got their go signal, but with limitations daw. I'm the third in a brood of five and the only one against my going sexy is our only boy, the one I followed. Born-again Christian kasi siya. But the role in my launching film, Sukdulan, is challenging.

"I play a tollbooth clerk at the Sta. Rosa exit married to a truck driver who appears very macho but cannot satisfy me in bed, Raymond Bagatsing. He gets aroused only while watching X-rated films, so I fall for a playboy, newcomer Carlo Maceda, who brings me to new heights of ecstasy in bed. This triggers a series of violent events. That's why the title is Sukdulan, we show the extremes in sex and in violence."

Well, that may have been the goal, but the sex scenes are lackluster, the violence pretty moderate. And I can't get over my discomfort watching this young thing, complete with baby fat, go to town.

Into the giveaway pile then (or my future Christmas gift pile for Jason).


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