Tuesday, April 08, 2003

bayani does not mean hero

It should, though. But not to me.

Not in the case of Bayani Fernando, the MMDA guy I'd like to strangle (again).

Like Jason, I experienced the absurdly ill-conceived rerouting of traffic within the Ortigas Center this morning. One way streets where people used to be able to go either way, counterflow here, no left turn there, must go around, no other way, no other way, no other way.

It was like a horrible computer RPG game - linear in a stupid way.

The bottleneck at the side of Megamall took the cake. Obviously not designed for heavy traffic, now used by everyone in an attempt to get to EDSA.

How is this helping?

I am a man of analysis and action. I believe in doing things right, right away, right now if appropriate. If there is a need to be militant, I'm probably the guy you talk to.

But there are certain circumstances wherein inactivity is the better solution - because some things need not be changed.

So lay off, Mister Hero.


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