Thursday, April 03, 2003


I was toying with the idea of a webcast for a fashion show, similar to what was done some time ago with Victoria's Secret.

However, after consulting with people who had the tech know-how, it was impressed upon me that it was not as simple as I thought, and that the associated cost would be profound (given the fact that my client wanted to spend oh, nothing).

So we shifted plans and will have 3 photographers (myself included) take shots and just upload them up to the site.

Anyway, today I was informed that even if I had found a way to cut costs and do the webcast, we would be prevented by the people who have the rights to air the event in May. It makes sense, because broadcast is broadcast, and if I held the TV rights I wouldn't want anyone to preemp me on the web.

So the lesson here is to check about such things for future events before I exhaust possibilities. Do my homework.


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