Friday, April 04, 2003

a midnight visit

Towards midnight, we were surprised by the doorbell. Sage woke up, perturbed as we were.

It was a delivery from Our Home - furniture Nikki ordered last week. Not one to freak out over the amazing delivery (they did say it would arrive within the day - and it did), we let hem lug the pieces in where Nikki wanted them to be set.

So, bit by bit, our living area is starting to look less spartan. The addition of the bookcase, for example, is most welcome. Finally we can unpack the books that made the culling (and I don't have to keep rereading my TPBs over dinner - though, as an aside, it was nice revisiting stuff like Queen & Country, Pistolwhip, Clan Apis and the entire 18-volume run Return of the Condor Heroes). By tonight, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Salman Rushdie, Guy Gavriel Kay, Lemony Snickett, Ursula le Guin and all the other authors should be snug and cozy in their new shelves. This will also allow me to finally start buying some books again, which I've been holding off for two reasons: lack of good books and lack of shelf space.

Shelves will also allow our little DVD collection a place to sit. Sage likes trampling on them.

So thank you to the midnight delivery service. Normally, I'd be upset, but this time, you're tops.

long weekend

With the holiday on Monday (thank god), we have an unexpected 3-day weekend.

Despite the fact that I'm shooting a fashion show on Saturday, there'll be opportunities to relax. Apart from the usual night/s out with the barkada, Joseph lent me all 22 episodes of season 1 of the US Queer as Folk, which Nikki and I have been wanting to see. I'll finally be able to visit CQ and pick up new comics. And there'll be singing.

Cool stuff.


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