Saturday, April 05, 2003

music versus sex

For the projected soft launch of our events company, Pipeworx, I'm faced with interesting choices as to what act to have perform during the event. Normally, being the budget-conscious person that I am, the first thing I'll look at is the cost. However, I also have to consider what sponsors will think is a good draw - enough for them to cough up funding for the event.

In terms of direct cost (talent fees), we have a range of figures that spans "oh my god, is that all?" to "you've gotta be kidding".

The Viva Hot Babes, currently skyrocketing in popularity, is out of reach - despite my desire to have these girls bouncing around the place.

The Sexbomb girls, led by Rochelle, are quite a bargain, all things considered. In fact, I was shocked at the reasonable cost. Why if I had that amount of money lying around, I'd hire them for a private party. But of course, it's the copany's money, not mine.

Music-wise, we're considering acts from newly-sexy Geneva Cruz to acoustic guitar guy Paolo Santos, and that guy who used to be with South Border (whose name escapes me - so sue me). It also struck me to consider Aka Fellas, nowhere as popular, but I like a cappella.

The act I'd really want to get is Regine Velasquez. I wrote a show for her and a few other singers way back before the universe cooled (I wanted her to sing "Someone Like You" from Jeckyll & Hyde). But it isn't even worthwhile to ask her (if you want to book Regine, you talk directly to her). You're looking at low six figures for three songs.

So is it really music versus sex?

My prurient scenario, of course, would be Sexbomb. They don't just dance, they actually sing things like, um... Bakit Papa?

Seriously though, it has to be an act that is fun and will draw a good crowd.

What do you think?


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