Friday, April 04, 2003

my kind of fashion show

Recently, the Viva Hot Babes scorched the ramps with their blistering version of what a fashion show is.

Kristine Jaca(on the left, edited for blog sensibilities - if you want a really nice version, email me), Maui Taylor, Jen Rosendahl and the others posed in the flimsiest attire - because no wanted there really wanted to see clothes anyway. Tits everywhere and multiple smiles.

It's amusing to mark the ups and downs of Philippine morality when it comes to sex. For all our schizophrenia, we simply cannot deny the allure of sweet young things - even in the midst of another bombing in Davao, political flimflammery and fear of SARS.

So are these ladies important? Do they serve a function? Damn, yes. Bring on the sex, bring on the escape, bring on the fantasy.

In the same way that poetry and art are important during troubled times, artless packaged visual sex is likewise of import. No justification needed.

Even if I still feel that majority of them really lack that special something, some of them are starting to rise above the pack. Sort of like Aubrey Miles whom I caught as co-host on MTB or my beloved Diana Zubiri whose appearances on various TV shows never fail to charm me.


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