Wednesday, April 30, 2003

naked sex picture: aubrey miles in xerex

Okay, let's drop the literary crap for a while and look at something of a more prurient (and equally enjoyable, or actually, more enjoyable) sort: the continued production of sexy Filipino films starring the hottest ladies in the most risque scenarios (watch my site stats rise after putting naked sex picture - hee hee).

I'm making plans to catch Xerex Xaviera, featuring one of my favorite FHM girls (and co-host in some TV show) Aubrey Miles.

Xerex Xaviera started out as a naughty sex column in a tabloid called Abante in 1998, and quickly captured a significant number of readers - including people like me who had no business reading a tabloid (well, the boobsy girls in the inside were cool). Soon, the sex colum evolved into a sex (ahem) "literary" column that features letters from (supposedly) people from all over the Philippines, from all walks of life - often in very graphic and, yes, arousing language (though my libido had to wait for the the few seconds it took my brain to translate the Filipino to English - feh).

Anyway, I was delighted to find out that the film is structured as three one-act plays (yes, another literary reference - can't seem to get away from it) as Aubrey tackles various roles, which, pleasantly enough, guarantee us rabid viewers a variety of eksenas to enjoy. This is directed by Mel Chionglo with writing from Roy Iglesias, starring darling Aubrey and the three guys she rubs noses with.

One day, I promise you, I'll write or direct something like this. Or something sleazier and of no moral or literary value. Yeah.

In related news, Diana Zubiri will be appearing a couple of weeks from now next door from our condo at the bar/hall owned by the Bistro Lorenzo people. Anyway, I made friends with a waiter and the person who buys their food from the wetmarket and they'll sneak me in (otherwise, the tickets are around P1.5k). Apparently, Rochelle and the Sexbomb Girls were also there (all 14 of them) the other week. And Patricia Javier will have a show. And Joyce Jimenez. My god, all this time and it was under my nose.


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