Tuesday, April 08, 2003


Paradise, indeed.

I've added three new DVDs to my collection, hoarding films to watch and revisit over the upcoming Holy Week holiday.

I am especially delighted to have the new version of one of my favorite films of all time - Cinema Paradiso. It moves me every time I see it, such excellence in all aspects - writing, directing, acting, music, editing, everything. More than deserving of all the awards it picked up when it was released in 1988. A love affair with film that enraptures with its magic.

Being a Pedro Almodovar fan, I also picked up Talk to Her, which also received its just recognition (I liked him since 1990's Atame! Atame! with Antonio Banderas). Well-directed films are a treasure, well-written ones are a wonder.

Rounding up the trio is Alfonso Guaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien, with its sexual energy and wry look at things.

I'll probably want some more before this weekend, but actually I'm happy with these three (plus the other little things I've been hoarding for an extended period of idleness).


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