Tuesday, April 29, 2003

review: the laramie project

Nikki and I were so moved, so affected by this film that we spent over an hour talking about it, about its theme and human complexity.

It served as a mirror and made us consider our own opinions and thoughts on hate and homosexuality, and how we ourselves are reflected in the characters of the film. I needed to talk about my own ignorance and prejudices, and somehow either rationalize or throw them away in revulsion. It moved me to unabashed tears, made me laugh and made me think.

For being able to move and provoke thought, as well as being well-written, directed, staged and acted, this film officially enters my Top Ten Films of all time. My jaded nature is difficult to impress, and I am astounded that a mock documentary affected my wife and I so deeply.

Based on a play and over 200 interviews of the residents of Laramie, Wisconsin after the brutal murder of Matthew Shephard, a young gay man, The Laramie Project is a film worthy of the medium. It opened the 2002 Sundance Festival to deserved critical acclaim and gets my highest recommendation - my first 10 star rating since I began reviewing films in this blog.

final rating: the laramie project (2002)

********** (10/10)


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