Wednesday, April 30, 2003

review: x2

Thanks once again to Cams, the gang and I scored tickets to the premiere of X2.

To cut to chase, I didn't like or enjoy it much.

In critical terms, it fails from too much plot, too much preciosité, too many characters, too little characterization and too little acting. It did nothing to move or provoke or uplift or contribute anything of worth.

In entertainment terms, yes, it had a number of interesting eye candy and thrilling fan-boy moments, but it failed to entertain consistently. If I ever decide that the worth of a film is to be measured in terms of eye candy, I'd line up for the Matrix films. Or Harry Potter. Or the kung fu Hollywood flavor of the month.

An entertainment should engage the audience within its given time frame. I could not wait to leave and have a ciggie.

But having said all that, it was not that bad, better than, say, Daredevil. But, oh Lord, let the next one be better.

Final Rating: Xmen 2 (2003)

**** (4/10)


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