Thursday, April 10, 2003

silly daddy

Apparently, "Janga Janga" is like the word "Aloha", because among its multitude of meanings, it also means "Father, I'm not feeling particularly well today"

Sage woke up covered with red spots, in some parts of her body it looked like heat rash, in other parts it resembled tiny pin pricks.

Perhaps it is measles – after all, I am resigned to the fact that she will undergo the staggering variety of childhood illnesses.

It just breaks my heart to think that she may get to have another shot or two, plus of course the general misery that ailment brings. She doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t finish her milk, she isn’t even tempted by sweets. It is as if she’s decided to starve the thing.

I’m also thinking, given all the various shots and immunization thingies she’s taken, shouldn’t she be immune to this thing (if it is measles)?

All I want to do is to make her well again. It appalls me how parental I’ve become. The smallest thing is cause for concern.

But I guess that is what I am now, and the paternal perspective is one I must use because…I’m a parent.

And silly father that I am, I'm inclined to charge down the hospital, make sure that Sage’s doctor treats her right, right now, as in immediately, forget about all these other sniveling brats in line, or… I will speak to her manager in my loud, loud voice. (See? Sometimes, all my restaurant experience is moot.)


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