Monday, April 07, 2003

stuff to read

If you haven't gotten a copy of Ab Ovo #2 (published by Kestrel Studios), you can check out the complete pages online at the Levi's Type 1 site.

For absolutely nothing, you get art and words from some of the best Filipino comics folk around, like Arnold Arre's "Taong Grasa".

It's important that we continue doing stuff like this because it puts comics in the hands of people who don't usually read comics.

Case in point, at the Levi's fashion show for Fashion Week over at the Glorietta, Levi's gave away goody bags to lots and lots of people.

What was in bag?

Let's see... candies...and copies of Stroke #2 and Ab Ovo#2.

What can I say? I love this client. Next time, I'm thinking of putting together a custom chapbook.

By the way, props to Carlo Vergara for the design of Stroke #2. You have to see his interpretation of the verb "stroke". Now that's pushing at the boundaries - with true elan.


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